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"I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing."


John 15:5 (ESV)

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The OTV Project

In 2022, On The Vine was founded as a passion project of co-hosts Josh Elmore and Chris Riggs.

The two friends met on campus at Cedarville University back in 2010. Though neither finished their respective degree programs at Cedarville, they established a lasting friendship.

As Chris and Josh grew in discipleship together, studying God's word and theology, they realized that capturing some of their conversations may be to the benefit of other believers.  In an effort to advance the Kingdom and encourage fellow believers to think deeply about their life and worldview, they launched OTV.

Both Chris and Josh have experienced and been influenced by doctrine that may have given a false impression of what it means to be a Christian (seeker friendly gospel, "once saved always saved" evangelicalism).

With post-modernism as a backdrop, the American church is at risk of adhering to the culture before adhering to Scripture.  The WIFM (What's in it for me) mentality has turned church into a marketing effort to put more butts in seats, however, the goal of church growth should never be about how many people attend, but how many souls have come to saving faith in Christ.

The hope of OTV is to produce content which will foster a deeper understanding of Christianity, the nature and character of God, and provide tools to help better discern sound doctrine from the watered down WIFM approach to the gospel that is so prevalent in the church today.

The Content Creators

Chris Riggs

Chris is a Sr. Data Analyst at a financial services company.  In addition to full time work and responsibilities as a husband and father, Chris is also pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary.


Chris is a resident of Cape Coral, FL, where he is an active member at Grace Baptist church. When he's not enjoying time with his wife, Tina and their two boys, Harrison and Leo, Chris can be found reading, gaming, cooking, or making a mean cup of espresso.

God has given Chris a heart for the evangelical church at large, which seems to be shifting toward "seeker sensitive" crowds that water down the true gospel message.  Chris hopes to bring the truth of God's Word along with his own experience to benefit those who listen to the On The Vine Podcast as he seeks to grow alongside of them.

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Josh Elmore

Josh and his wife, Mary, live in Sarasota, FL where he serves as a Certified Financial Planner at a small wealth management firm ( He recently completed the Kingdom Advisors program, and is now certified Kingdom Advisor, which has increased his knowledge of God's perspective on money & wealth.  Josh's aim is to have a transformative practice to help Christian entrepreneurs and families use their God-given gifts, talents, and financial resources for the Kingdom.


While Josh may have started his journey in Christian apologetics to "win the argument" against the athiest or unbeliever, God is gracious and has shown him that apologetics from a Biblical perspective is really about loving the unbeliever well and communicating the gospel.  This is what he hopes the On The Vine Podcast will communicate.

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